Dabbs has led Bryant effectively and efficiently, staying committed to the visions she laid forth in her previous campaigns. "Bryant is destined to continue growing and as we grow we must act our size and act responsibly. Local government must be accountable to those we serve in order to meet the needs of this growing City without being a burden to the Citizens we serve. My focus and commitment to you is to continue moving Bryant forward with intelligent planning and sound principles." Dabbs 2010.

To prepare for future growth and to keep our city fresh and clean Dabbs lead the City Council to pass Bryant's first sign ordinance, and an ordinance requiring metal buildings to have a facade on the street adjacent sides for aesthetic beautification.

Many Bryant residents and school officials have voiced strong opposition to more multifamily housing. Case law allows for regulation of apartments in many different manners but just saying "No Apartments" will land the city in court. Dabbs boldly led the city forward to an ordinance that gives us the tools to insure our safety, schools and infrastructure are all considered with any request for multifamily development. This ordinance will allow for limited apartments, but with the strictest of regulations to ensure Bryant continues to enjoy the quality of life it has come to expect.

Dabbs has insured work continued towards improving drainage infrastructure to eliminate potential flooding risks and will continue with more of this work if reelected. Improved development practices based on the standards set in the 2011 storm water ordinance insure we do not create additional storm water problems. We will continue to grow, we want to grow, but we must grow in a responsible manner that does not create infrastructure issues that will be laid on the backs of the taxpayers.

Dabbs stated in a prior State of the City address "I will continue to put my whole mind and heart to work on the issues that are important to this city and the issues that are important to you. We must be solution oriented, thinking outside the box to discover ways we can work smarter, spend less and get more done. A dynamic staff is instrumental in helping us achieve the city's goals. I cannot tell you how proud I am of our City Employees and how hard they work to serve you. They are excited about the vision laid forth in my administration and they are the ones who deserve credit for making that vision a reality. We will continue to make ourselves available to you through town hall meetings, social media outlets, neighborhood focus groups, and continued improvement on building a team approach to city government, so we can better meet your needs. Encourage and provide more ways for our citizens to get involved in the process of improving the community through organizations such as BONAfide, Keeping Bryant Beautiful, MYAC, Master Gardeners, Chamber, Rotary, Lions Club, Bryant Historical Society, Faith based groups, youth groups, Bryant Senior Adult Center and Boys & Girls Club, BEE Coalition, volunteer programs, workshops, organizations and special events."

She went on to say, "I am committed to keeping my focus and energy working on what is good and worthy of attention: accomplishments, goals, and building healthy, working relationships with elected officials and community leaders. Continue to streamline processes, eliminate waste and reduce operating costs as much as possible, continuing to prove that local government can do more with less. With the cost saving measures and cuts the city made in my first term we were able to fund the two stormwater improvement projects, widen and overlay Woodland Park Dr. fund the required upgrade of our 911 center that will be completed in 2013, fund two new pumper trucks and at least one maybe two new fire stations, budget for a complete overhaul to Mills park pool, and a remodel to the finance department to improve the workflow in order to work more efficiently. I commend the city staff for remaining committed to doing more with less and over the course of twelve months we realized enough savings to fund some very needed projects for the betterment of Bryant in 2013. I see today in Bryant a great opportunity for our future Connecting better as a community by taking great strides towards being a more engaged and accessible local government to the citizens, businesses, organizations, and schools that we serve. Continuing to build a "Bryant" that is beautiful, accessible and inviting that sustains and improves the quality of life and supports economic development."

Dabbs believes the ideas of the residents of Bryant have always brought the best results, local government should partner in making the residents great ideas a reality. She has worked tirelessly to this end, just to mention a few, would include strategic community driven economic development, continuing to strengthen our public safety departments, curbside recycling, a beautiful dog park, enhanced playgrounds throughout the community, flourishing neighborhood organizations, improved early education opportunities for every child in Bryant.

"There is still much to be done and many opportunities to pursue together. Looking at what we have accomplished and the plans for the immediate future, I am excited about the possibilities."

Re-Elect Mayor Jill Dabbs November 2018!