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Jill Dabbs describes herself as "an optimist to a fault" as she looks for the best in people, situations and opportunities. That outlook has helped the mayor of Bryant, Ark., one of the state's fastest growing areas, to remain positive and focused through growth, change and moving from one season of life to the next in unsettling times.

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BRYANT, Ark. (KTHV) - In one Bryant neighborhood, a rainy day may mean flooding for homeowners. Bryant Mayor Jill Dabbs said there are a lot of residential areas that flood. They've been working to fix this problem, section by section, for years.

But the city has a plan to fix the drainage problem. They've been awarded a state matching grant of $75,000 to help keep the neighborhood above water.

"The city of Bryant has a stormwater plan so that we can ensure our growth and development doesn't have a negative impact on existing homes or the neighborhoods that are going in," Mayor Dabbs said.

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Join me in celebrating Bryant's progress as we open two much-needed fire stations.

This investment will lower emergency response time by as much as five minutes, making our great city a safer and more secure place to live. Looking forward to seeing you there!



Democrats' Fall May Be Deepest in Arkansas

BRYANT, Ark. - That Democrats are in trouble is hardly news these days, at least in most places.

But Democrats in Arkansas, who have long dominated state and local offices despite the state's essentially conservative electorate, have not been in this much trouble for as long as anyone can remember, at least anyone who was not around during Reconstruction.

"It is a very big deal," said Rex Nelson, who was a press secretary for Gov. Mike Huckabee and political editor of The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. "This has never happened, not in my lifetime."

The race for mayor in this small but fast-growing suburb of Little Rock shows how far the Democratic brand has fallen: though the office is intended to be nonpartisan, Jill Dabbs, 38 and a first-time candidate, requested that her name be listed on the ballot as "Republican Jill Dabbs," as one might be listed as "John Paul Jones" or "Hillary Rodham Clinton." (A judge turned her request down.)

She acknowledges that the issues she would address as mayor - the longstanding drainage problem, how best to develop Raymar Road - lie outside the realm of political philosophy.

But the Republican brand represents a certain broader approach, Ms. Dabbs argues, like a commitment to fiscal discipline. It is also political gold in Bryant.


"It Takes Collaborative Efforts To Enhance The Quality of Life and Public Safety of Our Residents."

Mayor Dabbs has exhibited the leadership skills to promote an environment in which all law enforcement agencies work together to ensure the safety of those we serve.

"The SCSO appreciates the efforts of Mayor Dabbs and all of the public safety officials/officers with the city of Bryant, as we continue to work together, to ensure the highest level of public safety for those we serve." Saline County Sheriff Rodney Wright


Inexperience vs. a Proven Leader? Jill Dabbs IS that Proven Leader and early voting for the Mayor's race in Bryant begins on Monday, October 22.

Please cast your vote for Mayor Jill Dabbs so she can continue to lead Bryant in the right direction


Bryant Parkway Starting To Take Shape - LIVE from the Bryant Parkway!

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Bryant Parkway will be completed by 2020. This is the most transformative infrastructure project for Bryant since Mayor Boswell got us off of well water.


I am proud that we've been able to build TWO new fire stations for the city of Bryant. I'm even more proud that we were able to do it ON TIME and UNDER BUDGET

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Re-Elect Mayor Jill Dabbs November 2018!