Mayor Jill Dabbs Appointed to National League of Cities Community and Economic Development Steering Committee


When Bryant Mayor Jill Dabbs took office on January 1, 2011, she rose above the political oppositions and controversies being generated by critics, and kept the promises she made to the people of the city. She set into action an agenda to accomplish exactly what was laid forth in her campaign and went full steam ahead.

Willing to work and unconcerned about the next election, this first-time political figure and first female to be elected as Mayor of Bryant, faced some tough decisions on restructuring local government while bringing fresh faces and new ideas to City Hall.

Mayor Dabbs stood firm in the face of adversity during her term. She faced and made tough decisions for the City; while leading the City of Bryant with integrity, honesty and transparency. The citizens of Bryant rewarded her hard work and productivity with their support and confidence.

Mayor Dabbs has an innovative leadership style coupled with dynamic interpersonal communications skills that have won the admiration of other mayors and elected officials. She consistently brings people together to work toward common goals. Her transparency and accessibility as mayor have been unequaled in the city’s history. Every department of local government has benefited from her leadership. Service to citizens is ever improving, and with the help of dedicated city employees, wasteful spending and cronyism has been brought under control.
Mayor Dabbs' innovative style of leadership focuses on the relevant change that is constant in Bryant. As Bryant continues to grow she is committed to maintain a city with a high quality of life standard that families, for future generations, will choose as a place to raise their children.

She is committed to operating an efficient government that fulfills its obligation to the citizens it serves.

This is being done by eliminating wasteful spending, utilizing modern technology, and a business model approach to operating local government.

Connecting our local government better to the people it serves through communication, collaboration, and accessibility has already opened doors of opportunity for many volunteer organizations that are working together to bring out what is best in Bryant.

Remember: Early Voting Begins October 20th
Re-Elect Mayor Jill Dabbs November 2014!